Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Sky Rose Necklace n cemprut giveaway !

I love accessories ...which made from stone, fossil , gemstones or ...everything that look so vintage and so ethnic. and yeah...look expensive wkwkwkw....

ouh ya... i made this blue red necklace was verryyy quick. about an hour to do the wire things these and those stuf and prepared all the materials. ^_^ yay !!

btw friends... there's giveaway from mba dita ( woohooo happy happy joy joy )  come n join ^_^

cemprut secret project give away...!!!

just check out her blog. there are 4 items giveaway woohaaa...

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Jessy mengatakan...

sooo pretty. i luv the contrast b/w the red and the blue


Malicka mengatakan...

Beautiful necklace :)

dePerta mengatakan...

@jessy : thanks jessy :D
@malicka : makasii mba hohoho

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