Selasa, 12 April 2011

James oh james

Mr James Franco...
can I meet you?...please..please..please... you love photography don't you? my boyfriend too (hhhehe..)
you like painting, don't you? yeah...i know how artsy you are ... i do love painting too
you like writing or something poetry , dont you? I am join the club hey hey hey...
you like reading , don't you? I am in james, i like philosophy, sarcasm modern culture humor, art, history and more and more

james oh james
come to my home please...and I'll cook you some happy healthy fattening food
the my boyfriend is very able to take you on holiday from his native island to outter island

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kuwacikecil mengatakan...

ya owloh... james franco... ya owlooh....

dePerta mengatakan...

tampan kan ya mbak... ^_^

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